🎉😁First Time Buyer Closings are the best closings!⭐

I love to see people get into homeownership, especially when everything seems to be stacked up against someone. Jesse worked really hard to moved here, and work on getting approved. He was very realistic with his budget, and at first, we were shopping a bit higher. But, shortly after we started shopping, some lending requirements changed on his file, making his pre-approval amount smaller. But, he was very determined to get into the game of homeownership. 🏠

We found a property that to me, seemed like it would not pass financing requirements. But, I was able to work into the deal to have the sellers repair the issues I noted that would be called out during an appraisal. They were called out, the seller repaired them, and we got to closing! 🎉😁

Sometimes, it really is worth a shot to see if we can make a deal work for everyone. The sellers wanted to get the property moving, and my client was determined to make the deal happen.

Congrats to everyone!🎉 I was very inspired by this closing, reminding myself that every deal is worth a shot.                                                                                                                                        

                                                                                                                                       Kierney Nielsen


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