CONGRATS! HOME SOLD! Ranch Style Home in West Billings

CONGRATS!! JUST SOLD!  -  Ranch Style Home in West Billings 

⭐CONGRATS to this newly-wed couple on their FIRST HOME purchase together!!✨

This couple was ready to go and get into a home. They made quick, easy decisions while we were looking through homes, which is how it should be! Once we found this one, it was an easy decision for them to make. The updated kitchen and HUGE master bedroom/closet were hard to beat.

We were able to negotiate to get these buyers $10,000 paid in closing costs/rate buydowns that really helped them get into the home for LESS than expected!😁 On top of that, we were able to get repairs made during our inspection period to make sure they felt comfortable moving forward. The buyers really were able to get the best deal possible, while the sellers were still able to move to their new home, HAPPY in the end as well!

😁THANK YOU so much for trusting me with this purchase! 🎉CONGRATS 🎉on all the exciting things to come in your new home and life together!

                                                                                                                                       Kierney Nielsen



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