HOME SOLD! CONGRATS! Condo in West Billings


👉Problem: limited inventory for first time buyer price points - many buyers and not enough homes - too much competition...which means multiple offers - and only one winner that buyer was most likely able to pay their own closing costs, and paid over asking price.

⭐MY Solution: Spent many hours sending out OVER 300 letters to homeowners not listed to see if they would be interested in selling, got 4 interested sellers, and thankfully my client Angie got to pick which property worked best for her....the best part ✨NO COMPETITION✨. The sellers were awesome and we all worked together to get the property SOLD!

🎉🙂Congratulations Angie-we are all so happy for you! Thank you for your trust and patience.
Looking for an agent that will work for you and find a home, not just wait for it to get listed.

                                                👉Call Jeff Uhren today at 406-670-6492!


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