RB HOME SOLD! CONGRATS! West Billings Home W/ Acreage

West Billings Home with Acreage

Patience was key with this listing and most of 2023! The market slowed down, there were less buyers, sellers were stressed that their homes were not selling as fast as they were in the covid market...the need in 2023 was PATIENCE!

With this listing, patience was needed more than ever! I, as the agent, knew the value was there, we just needed to find the right buyer, after all it only takes one! I made suggestions to the seller to make a 4th bedroom, and make the master bathroom and closet bigger. These awesome sellers listened to me and trusted my advice, so they made the changes then we went to market!

Through some long weeks and patience, we were able to find the right buyer who saw the value and appreciated the space, the home, acreage, water, shop space, and so much more that their home had to offer!

However, it was nothing but simple! The buyer had to sell their home in another state and after a few deals fell through (and a whole lot of patience), we were able to finally close. Then the title company got hacked, yes hacked! So their system was shut down and they couldn't wire the money to close it all out and get the proceeds to the seller, so that took a little more patience... Then a week goes by and we get the title company to send a cashier's check and overnight it to us - then the mail service couldn't pick up the check because of a shooting, yes a shooting!!

You would think this is made up, but it's not just one hell of a way to dig deep for a whole lot of PATIENCE!!

This listing proves that selling a home is stressful, patience is needed, and crazy stuff happens...it isn't anything like Selling Sunset! 😉

I am so thankful for my clients, throughout a stressful transaction it is easy to lose trust and patience - however, they never waived their trust in me and willingness to get the job done!! These are repeat clients and friends, so I was pretty sad to see them move to another state, but I am so happy to see that they were able to close on their home and get the value they needed for their next adventure! They are a very special family and I wish them nothing but the best in their new year and adventures to come!

What a wild ride 2023 was - the year of patience! Here's to 2024!! 🎉

                                                                                                                                                       Amber Uhren

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