RB HOME SOLD! CONGRATS! Townhouse in West Billings


⭐CONGRATS to my long time friend and seller!

We have been working up a plan to get her into a new area of Montana that she is dying to move to! We put an offer on a property last year, but were beaten out by a cash buyer. Determined to make sure that didn't happen again, Leonie listened to me and knew we needed to get aggressive to get where she wants to be.

Fast forward, we sold her investment property to free up some cash! This townhome was a great first home, investment property, and now was able to be used to help her find her next dream home!:)

Just goes to show that buying property is never a bad idea. It will constantly appreciate, and you can use it later on for your current goals. Leonie knew this even at a young age when she purchased this cute home. 🏠 Buying property is truly a great way for long term wealth.

😁🎉Congrats to Leonie, and anyone I know that has a home on the Pryor Creek Golf Course reach out! We are searching actively for a home out there, and she is ready to purchase.

                                                          Contact me today! Kierney Nielsen - 406-696-4944


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