Sellers In Waiting Program

Sell your home in Billings Montana

How much would it take to get you to sell your  home?

Sure, selling your home might not be something you’re considering right now, but what if you could name your price? Would that change your mind?

What would it take to get you to part with your home?

The Realty Billings’ Buyers-in-Waiting database is full of folks who are looking for homes for sale and yours may just be the dream home for one of them.

Let’s find out – just enter your information below and we’ll contact you for that magic number – the amount it would take to get you to move.

We’ll keep that information in confidence and call you if and when one of our buyers is dreaming of a home like yours, at your price.

Just another way Realty Billings helps our listing clients get top dollar for their homes.

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We look forward to hearing from you about our Sellers in Waiting program!

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